Textile Service

Logistic & Textile Service

Without a gap to the purchaser


The products must reach their customers reliably. We have set up a sophisticated freight and warehouse logistics system to ensure uninterrupted transport. Together with our partner, TSL Textil Service & Logistik GmbH, we guarantee reliable and timely delivery. This applies to hanging textiles and individual items as well as to flat or boxed goods. We offer the whole spectrum:

  • storage
  • goods control
  • quality assurance
  • goods preparation
  • finishing (ironing, topping, dolling, tunnelling, labelling)
  • commissioning
  • delivery

With our "Floor Ready Merchandise" service, we prepare the products directly for sale – with price tagging, labelling and a store-specific packaging of cartons or hanging garments. Thanks to our hall space of 28,000 square meters and a picking area of 20,000 linear meters on five levels, we ensure a smooth customer service.